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WOW Women's Film 17th June at Chapter

WOW Women's Film 17th June at Chapter

  6 June 2014

Many FAN women have enjoyed the special screenings of films at Chapter. The next is THE ROCKET at 10am on Thursday 17th June - the cost is ¬£3.50 and includes lunch, discussion and bookable creche. Why not go with other female FAN friends? You will have a warm welcome at Chapter. The Rocket tells the story of a Laotian family forced to leave their village to make way for a new dam. From an early age young Ahlo is blamed for the disasters that befall his family. Determined to prove he's not cursed, he decides to win their respect in a truly remarkable way. A deeply touching film, and delightful glimpse into a very different world. You can look at a trailer - copy this into your browser  

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