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Warm welcome for FAN at Canton 50+ group

Warm welcome for FAN at Canton 50+ group

  11 April 2016

Thankyou to Iona Gordon and Conway Road Methodist Church 50+ group for the warm welcome on Wednesday. Gill, Zahra, Ian, Karim, Yusuke, Alicia and Sarah spoke to the group about how FAN started and how important it can be in our lives - not just the lives of people who are new to the country but to anyone looking to meet local people for friendly conversation. Knowing your neighbours, speaking together in FAN can be the beginning of developing a real sense of community. We then 'did FAN' - four groups in all with the topic of what we played as children. It was fascinating as always - in our group we spoke of the responsibilities of being the eldest in the family, the freedom to roam and be 'out' from morning to night, the hardships of 1930s South Wales, the games of shops, and travel agents and school and the joy found in a cardboard box of home made doll's clothes... FAN was followed by a delicious lunch of home made soup. Perhaps we will welcome some of the Conway Road group to FAN very soon.

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