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Wadjda - FAN women go to the movies

Wadjda - FAN women go to the movies

  19 November 2013

On Tuesday 11th November the Riverside FAN group suspended operations and some of us went along to Chapter to watch Wadjda, as part of the WOW Women's Film Group. This powerful film, made by a woman in Saudi Arabia told the story of one young girl's efforts to do a simple, but prohibited thing - ride a bike. Here are Lulu's thoughts... "It is a very touching movie,it tells a story about a little girl called Wadjda try to make her little wishes come true.For me, the most impressive thing in the movie is that although Wadjda's mother is not fully agree with her but she still help her daughter to achieve her dream, like most of parents give their children unconditionally support whenever and wherever they need." The debate following the film was lively - with viewers keen to differentiate between cultural and religious practices. The delicious lunch was an unexpected treat! The next showing will be in February.

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