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The FAN Charity receives Big Lottery Support!

The FAN Charity receives Big Lottery Support!

  12 November 2018

I am delighted to report that the The Big Lottery has awarded £59k over 3 years to the FAN Charity. This is to increase the geographic reach of FAN (Friends and Neighbours) groups in the Newport and Swansea areas.

They recognise that FAN groups promote wellbeing, alleviate loneliness and build strong relationships in and across communities, as well as offering opportunities to people to practice conversational English. We are delighted that they have given us the means to grow strong and sustainable groups beyond Cardiff and look forward to working with partners, old and new, to bring these benefits to a far wider community.

Huge thanks to players of The Big Lottery for their generosity and support. Do take a look at the reaction of FAN friends in Cardiff in response to this good news on our facebook page.

FAN Trustees and staff look forward to working with you as FAN moves into this exciting new phase. Please contact me if you would like further information.

Kind regards
Sarah Duncan-Jones - FAN Manager
07880 630553

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