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The Best of Bollywood!

The Best of Bollywood!

  28 February 2014

The WOW women's film club is teaming up with the Wales One World Film Festival to bring you the Best Of Bollywood Live at the Samaj Hindu Temple in Grangetown. This time it's a Film Club event not just for the ladies but for everyone (yes, that means the men too!). The evening starts at 7pm with a delicious traditional Gujarati meal that's included in the ticket price, followed by films and music. The Bollywood Brass Band are an exciting group of musicians who bring to life some of the most iconic scenes in Bollywood film history! It's Bollywood like you've never seen it before! Saturday 22nd March, 7pm @ the Samaj Centre, Mardy Street, Grangetown, CF11 6QT starting with delicious Gujerati food. TICKETS £8 / £10 / £12, AND MUST BE BOUGHT IN ADVANCE, THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT! Buy tickets from Chapter on 029 2030 4400 or contact RABAB on 0775 9933311 Finally...this event is more expensive than our usual Film Club screenings - because it's FILM, LIVE MUSIC and FOOD. Despite this, tickets are still a bargain at £8 / £10 / £12. To help the Film Club cover its substantial costs, we are asking EVERYONE to buy their tickets through Chapter. For those Film Club members who have a particular need, we have a small number of £5 tickets reserved, please get in touch with Rabab. For everyone else, please support the Film Club and events like this by helping us sell enough tickets to cover our costs!

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