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Swansea FAN going strong

Swansea FAN going strong

  11 September 2015

Great to visit FAN friends in Swansea on Wednesday. Zahra and I were made very welcome by Win and the group. What did we prefer - living in the country or the city... I think it depended on the city! Swansea or Cardiff seemed small cities if you were brought up in London or Tehran... while the country was appealing but mainly for a holiday.... Of course Swansea is a city by the sea so we visited the coast after the meeting and were fortunate to spy two seals - a special day all round! If you have friends in Swansea do recommend the Swansea FAN group - it is on Wednesdays at 10.30am and meets in the foyer of Brunswick Methodist Church, St Helen's Road, SA1 4DG. Like all FAN groups there is a welcome for anyone friendly.

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