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Sad news: David Nicholls RIP

David Nicholls

  15 January 2024

Gill Saunders writes: I was sad today to hear that our lovely friend David Nicholls who supported FAN Groups so well and helped us to develop in the early years - died on 28th December, 2023. I think everyone I have met who knew David has always had something good to say about him.

David was really special. I can remember the first day that I met him when I went to start the FAN Group at Gabalfa Community Centre. I am sure Zahra will remember too as she went with me. Jen was the lovely supportive Manager there that day.

David was thoughtful and kind. He immediately started helping us with ideas for how to get information for people we knew who needed it. Later as FAN Groups started to spread we needed someone who could do our FAN Accounts. He was very good at figures and completely honest. I trusted David completely. He had heard of us through Space4U and remained supportive of that very special Charity in Trinity Centre, Newport Road whilst he became a Trustee and Treasurer for the FAN Charity too as we tried to set up some structures so that FAN could have a good organisation from which it could spread.

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