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News from FAN in Pakistan: cricket and a picnic!

News from FAN in Pakistan: cricket and a picnic!

  23 January 2014

I hope that you are doing good and must be very busy in your FAN activities. We are also very busy in parish life and have made many good plans for this year 2014. FAN groups are also running successfully and we have appointed two FAN Officer for two FAN groups. Youth FAN Group meets every Friday at Issa Nagri Hyderabad and Kotari FAN group meets on every Saturday. Two of our FAN officers go one hour early to the FAN meetng and make arrangements and welcome all fan attenders. We have provided them the opening and closing of FAN meeting. Thanks for kind support of UK FAN groups who are encouraging us to run our FAN groups in Pakistan on the same principles as FAN UK. We feel that FAN groups are really helping our people in this region to come together and share thier pains and sorrows and listen carefully to one another. I hope that we shall have two FAN groups in Punjab province soon. One FAN group in Sahiwal District and other one Faisalabad district and we shall appoint two FAN officers there also as we can not travel every week to all FAN groups. I am also pleased to share that our Kotari FAN group arranged for a picnic for FAN attenders and spent one full day in the park in Hyderabad city and enjoyed company of each other. there were 10 families together for this picnic and Nabeela prepared delicious chicken Biryani (Rice) for all FAN attenders who had delicious lunch in the park. We all had a FAN meeting by reading the opening of FAN meeting and discussed about the importance of picnic and every body shared that they get very rare chances to go for picnic as they are not aware of the importance of picnic and refreshment. It is because of tremendous poverty and uncertain security situation in the country. We all played cricket and spent some time visitng a small zoo in the park. It was a very fruitful and successful day for all of us and all FAN attenders. I have attached some pictures of this picnic and I am sure you will be happy to see us successful and progressing in our purpose of establishing FAN groups and training some members to play leading role for fan meetings. Shamaoon and Nabeela - FAN Pakistan

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