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My First Flight!

Amended My First Flight Sylvias photo

  27 April 2022

A few weeks ago the topic for Grangetown Pavilion FAN was My First Flight.

One of the group members, Sylvia, talked about hers, which was in 1955 when she and her family emigrated from Austria to Australia.  She has shared this lovely photo of them boarding the plane.  As she pointed out, such was the luxury of travel in those days that there was space and time for a photo as they boarded!  It's a lovely memento from an era long gone and it's wonderful to see Sylvia as a four-year old embarking on such a huge adventure!

She also wrote a poem mark the end of the enforced Easter break from FAN:


Oh what a blast,

FAN's back at last!

Meeting friends again

Keeps me happy and sane.


Many thanks for sharing this with us Sylvia!

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