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Minister Brian Gibbons visits FAN

Minister Brian Gibbons visits FAN

  23 September 2009

We were pleased when we were asked if Brian Gibbons, The Government Minister for Social Justice and Local Government could come to a FAN Meeting. We always welcome newcomers to FAN Meetings whatever their background, religion or politics and we are happy if as a result of coming they can spread the good word that community feeling is alive and supportive in Wales. After the meeting he launched ‘The All Wales Community Cohesion’ consultation document in January 2009. The document outlines the project to promote cohesive communities across Wales and to map the changing make up of communities. It is hoped that further feedback from communities will enable them to respond to the changing needs of Wales. FAN Group attendees welcomed Minister Brian Gibbons at Severn Road Adult Education Centre and along with others from the Project’s steering group, we all enjoyed saying a little about ourselves at the FAN Meeting. Even with 30+ people at the FAN Meeting and everyone speaking in turn, the meeting was a success and magically finished within the hour! After the FAN Meeting, Dr Gibbons chatted with attendees, listened to people speak about their own experiences of FAN before speaking to us all about the ‘The All Wales Community Cohesion’ document. Dr Gibbons said: "I was very pleased to visit the Fan Group meeting in January to launch the consultation on our new Community Cohesion Strategy and I would like to thank the members for their warm welcome. Wales needs strong, resilient and harmonious communities which can respond effectively to the pace and scale of economic, social and cultural change in the 21st Century." To read 'The All Wales Community Cohesion Strategy' please click HERE. The FAN Groups are featured on Page 11

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