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Mack61 welcomes it's 100th attendee!

100th visitor to Mack61

  13 October 2023

The Thursday FAN group @Mack61 welcomed its 100th attendee last week.  Amin, newly arrived from Iran, discovered us on Mackintosh Place and was pleased to find somewhere friendly to practice his English and find new friends in Cardiff.

The Cafe and FAN volunteers were delighted to welcome Amin as well as our regulars from the local area and from the 33 countries that we have met over the last 18 months.

“Being part of the FAN family has really helped us reach out to our neighbourhood.  Nearly 40% of our attendees came to us through other FAN meetings across Cardiff.  But 40% have found us on our street in our hugely multi-cultural neighbourhood”.

FAN @Mack61 meets at 1.30pm every Thursday as part of our Cafe offering free refreshments, games and friendly chat.

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