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Keeping safe in FAN - thinking about Coronovirus

Keeping safe in FAN - thinking about Coronovirus

  5 March 2020

Keeping safe in FAN, and thinking about Coronovirus. If you have a cold, are sneezing have a raised temperature or are feeling unwell - please consider carefully whether you come to FAN Groups until you feel completely better.

We are a friendly organisation, and often hug when we meet, but at present, you may want to suggest other forms of greetings such as smiling and waving to greet each other instead of hugging, kissing or shaking hands.

If it happens that a Group closes for a while, because a few are unwell, or you are self isolating, it can feel very lonely, so please do keep in touch via text, mobiles, email or phone... Most group facilitators keep in touch with the group this way, and this can be a good way to keep social bonds going even in the event it becomes difficult or inadvisable to come to FAN.

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