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Food Glorious Food!

Food Glorious Food!

  17 September 2015

Our new FAN friends from Italy, Riccardo and Alessandra, have quickly become much-liked regulars at our Wednesday and Saturday FAN meetings. Today, Riccardo led the meeting and chose food as our topic. With coming from Parma and its well-known association with parmesan, prosciutto, and pasta, Riccardo quickly got our taste-buds going - even though he said he preferred pizza to pasta. He also highlighted the value he placed on eating with friends and family. As we went around the table we heard of the cuisines and eating routines of people in Wales, Egypt, Japan, China, Libya and Iran - what a variety of food, styles of preparation and cooking, and traditions associated with eating there are both in day to eating and for special occasions. By the time we ended I am sure I could hear some stomachs rumble as we all felt hungry. We also remembered that food is an essential to life itself - and that people not having enough to eat, or indeed having too much, has featured throughout the world for centuries. When there are millions in the world, both in developed and less-developed societies, who do not have enough to eat or eat unhealthily, while many of us have access to a huge variety and amounts of food from across the world you realise how unfair the world can be at times. Obesity is a huge problem for developed countries as people eat too much. The way food is produced is also controversial and a number of friends tonight suggested they tried to eat organically, healthily and responsibly. Food for thought... Canton Library FAN meets on Wednesdays at 5.30pm.

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