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FAN is presented with the Pat Chown Award

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  20 January 2016

Lovely celebration at Buzz FAN today as John Chown presented a donation to FAN in memory of his wife Pat. FAN works with the YMCA, the YMCA have received a prize for a creative mental health project, and the YMCA nominated FAN to receive £1000 because they value FAN’s work. Thankyou to everyone involved – Debbie and the Buzz staff and Fan group for the warm welcome they gave to the the influx of visitors, the YMCA for choosing FAN and John Chown for his generosity. In his moving presentation speech John told us about his late wife and the work and causes that were important to her – we are proud to receive this award in memory of Pat and happy that it will enable us to encourage more people to take part in FAN.

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