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FAN goes to Hollywood!

FAN goes to Hollywood!

  25 February 2010

It was lights, camera, action for 14 FAN Attendees last July when we filmed a FAN Meeting! With the help of ITV Cameraman Garan Thomas and Camera Assistant Tim Hole, a short meeting was filmed which was to be edited into a short film and used for promotional purposes. We were very sorry that not everyone could be in the film but we had to keep the meeting short for editing purposes. The film has already been shown at various public meetings and has helped those interested in setting up a FAN Group learn the meeting structure. The short film has had over 200 views on ‘You Tube’ and FAN is receiving many requests for DVDs. A very special thank you to Garan Thomas, Tim Hole, Nick Jewson and Mwnci Editing Facilities for their help with the production of the DVD. We would also like to thank the ‘FAN Filmstars’ who feature in the video – Martyn, Julian and Michelle, David C, Zahra, Ricardo, Rhian, Christine, Gill, Janet, Rubina, Halima, Sylvia and Suren.

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