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FAN Email Addresses Are Changing!

All change

  4 January 2022

Both FAN and the wider environment have changed over the years and it has become increasingly obvious that we needed to change the way we communicate. We have now put this into action and have started using Outlook.  This means we are using new email addresses.  These are as follows:

Sarah Duncan-Jones,  FAN Manager

Sally Smith, FAN Administrator

Janina Kuczys,  Support & Development Officer,  Cardiff

Philippa Wisdom, Development & Support Officer, Swansea

We will take every step possible to try to ensure that the changeover goes smoothly, such as putting an automatic response on our old addresses and continuing to check our old mail boxes  regularly over the next two months.

 It would help us if you could please do the following:

a)    Please change the email address you have for us in your contacts lists.

b)    Please let us know if it seems to have been a while since you received any contact from us in case the new system isn’t working for everyone.

c)    If you contact us and experience an unusually long wait for a response,  please let us know and copy your email to another FAN staff member so that they can check the email has been received.

d) please alert us to any publicity that is now out of date so that we can review and revise it.

Thank you

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