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FAN becoming more dementia friendly

Presentation 1.8.22

  1 August 2022

FAN Groups are welcoming spaces and we know that over the years many people have come to FAN experiencing the effects of dementia.  The structure can be very helpful, the warm welcome and inclusivity of the Groups, key.   FAN has committed to work in partnership with Dementia Friendly Cardiff; congratulations to those staff and Facilitators who have been trained and we hope to have our own Dementia Champion in the autumn who will be able to train even more Facilitators and participants.  Helen Harris from Marie Curie presented FAN Chair Ian Thomson with the certificate at Whitchurch Library Hub FAN along with  Katherine Kanyeihamba FAN Trustee and FAN Manager Sarah Duncan-Jones.  We had a warm welcome from the Whitchurch Group and celebrated with tea and cake. 

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