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FAN at Quakers 16th January 2016

FAN at Quakers 16th January 2016

  17 January 2016

Another busy meeting of Saturday FAN this morning - I wasn't counting carefully but I think we were more than 20. Thanks to David who led the group, choosing the topic - preparing for travel... I think we were fairly evenly matched - the worriers, meticulous planners, packers in advance and list makers balanced by the jump on a plane or a bus and let's see what happens brigade. We had plenty of travel anecdotes - the lost tickets, helpful airport staff and tins of meat (just in case) and even an exhortation to get married - so that your wife can organise everything! As ever with FAN we enjoy the variety of opinions expressed and our shared stories. Next week January 23rd - no Saturday FAN at 43 Charles Street - but we will meet at the cafe to the left of the main entrance of the National museum for friendly conversation at 11am.

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