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  7 September 2015

Lovely to see such a big group of friends on Wednesday 2nd September. We almost (but not quite) ran out of table space. We talked about Bank Holidays and Public Holidays. This was definitely one of those subjects which don't appear to be likely to generate a lot of interesting conversation, but did! In the UK bank holiday expectations have changed over time - everything does not come to a standstill - shops are open, staff have to work, it seems much like another day. Even the special music and arts events that Cardiff used to run, are now much more muted, due largely to financial concerns. Many of us remembered parents vowing not to go ANYWHERE on a bank holiday - as the roads would be so crowded (I don't think they would be anything like the crowded roads we experience every day in 2015). Different countries had very different attitudes to work and also to taking holidays or 'leave'. In Japan and Venezuela it is unusual to take all your holiday entitlement and it is very usual to start much earlier in the morning and finish much later at night, than your contracted hours. BUT people do take their public holidays and they use them to get together with family. Do hope you can join us next week when we will talk about Superstitions and traditions particular to our countries.

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