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CAFf Cymraeg - Welsh FAN

CAFf Cymraeg - Welsh FAN

  5 May 2020

CAFf Cymraeg: Siaradodd pedwar ffrind yn ein grŵp CAFF heddiw. Rhannon ni atgofion melys am wyliau. Aethon ni i Cuba a rhyfeddu am gyfeillgarwch y bobl leol. Aethon ni hefyd i Sbaen ar fordaith hyfryd, Siapan i ymweld â ffrindiau CAFf a Phorthcawl mewn carafan wrth y traeth i fwyta brechdanau blasus a te o fflasg ac atgofion o adeiladu cestyll tywod. Y pwnc wythnos nesaf yw : Iaith ac/neu acenau. Croeso i bawb.

Welsh FAN: Four friends in our Welsh FAN group spoke today. We shared sweet memories of holidays. We went to Cuba and marvelled at the friendliness of the local people. We also went to Spain on a lovely cruise, Japan to visit FAN friends and on the beach at Porthcawl in a caravan by the beach to each tasty sandwiches and tea from a flask and memories of sandcastles. Next week’s subject is Language and/or accents. All are welcome.

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