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Finding a FAN group! We are beginning to get back to Face to Face FAN but this is a SLOW process as we need everyone to feel safe. So to find a FAN meeting you need to look in two places Virtual FAN (for Zoom meetings) and then your area to find Face to Face Groups. So please start your search with Virtual FAN (at the bottom of the list on the left of the screen), then try the area you are interested in to find Face to Face groups.

FAN groups meet weekly and are for men and women. Come and join us for an hour of friendly and conversation. If you are learning English or are new to the area coming to FAN is a great way to meet local people and to make friends. FAN groups are free to attend.

Important! ALMOST all FAN groups are meeting on Zoom but some are beginning to meet Face to Face again. So please start your search with Virtual FAN for all Zoom FAN groups, then try an area for face to face groups.  Thank you for your patience and we look forward to meeting you soon. 

There is currently 1 active Usk group.

Type Title Location Day Time Details
Usk Hub FAN Usk Wednesday 10:00am

Look out for the FAN world map tablecloth.

Join or find out more:

  • Jane Booty
  • 07835 544639
  • Usk Community Hub
    35 Maryport St
    NP15 1AE

Starting back Wednesday 16th June at 10am

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