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The FAN Charity


Finding a FAN Group! We meet Face to Face where we can and where we feel everyone can be safe. To find a FAN meeting you need to look in two places. Look at the listings for an area you can reach to find Face to Face Groups. Look in Virtual FAN for Zoom meetings which you can go to wherever you are in Wales or the world. You can attend as many Groups as you like.

FAN Groups meet weekly and are for men and women. Come and join us for an hour of friendly conversation. If you are learning English or are new to the area coming to FAN is a great way to meet local people and to make friends. FAN Groups are accessible and free.

Important! Some FAN meetings meet on Zoom but lots more are meeting Face to Face. Search Virtual FAN for all Zoom FAN Groups, search by area for Face to Face Groups. Any problems do use the contact us page.

There are currently no groups in Huntingdon, why not get in touch and start one today.

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