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The FAN Charity’s impact

For more than twenty years the FAN Charity has welcomed people from around the corner and around the world to its friendly conversation groups in a spirit of kinship. FAN Groups bring people together to meet listen and talk – by listening with respect we learn about each other’s lives and are able to appreciate our common humanity. FAN Groups contribute to community cohesion, counter loneliness and provide a safe welcoming space for those learning English.  FAN Groups are growing! and providing even more opportunities to connect. 

All FAN Groups are free and open to all but we are a charity and rely on funding to continue our work. If you feel you are able to give please go to  Your support will mean that we can host FAN Groups for free, for everyone.

If you enjoy attending FAN and would like to help us continue to grow, if you are able, you can show how you value FAN by making a donation to our work.   

Although you may not attend a FAN Group but if you support our vision and operations you might also like to financially support FAN.

To donate to FAN please visit CAF Donate.

If you would like more information or have ideas about ways to raise funds for FAN,  please contact FAN Manager Sarah Duncan-Jones via our contact us page. 

Have you considered leaving the FAN Charity a gift in your will?

Why leave a gift in your will to The FAN Charity?
FAN Groups are free to attend. We want everyone to feel that they can attend FAN no matter what their financial circumstances. Your gift will help us to keep our Groups free and to train, support and develop our FAN Group Facilitators.
How to leave a gift in your Will
After thinking of family and friends, as you make or update your Will, you may like to leave something to a national or local charity.  A small donation to a local charity that you know and value can make a big difference, so please consider leaving a gift to the FAN Charity.
What kind of gift can I leave?
There are many ways you can leave a gift in your Will, from a cash gift to a specific item or even a percentage of your estate, left after you have thought of your loved ones.
How do I leave a legacy to The FAN Charity?

Speak to your solicitor regarding the different options for leaving a gift. By drawing up a Will with a solicitor you know it is legal and valid.

If you have a Will already you can review it and amend it if you would like to leave something to The FAN Charity.

Charitable gifts are usually free of inheritance tax, and can help to reduce the amount of inheritance tax you pay on your estate.

How can I add The FAN Charity to my will.

Please give your solicitor our official address The FAN Charity 29 Park Avenue, Whitchurch, CF14 7AL Charity Number 1134900; Company Number 7157056.

If you are considering leaving us a gift we would be very glad to share with you how it would support our work in the future. Please contact the FAN Manager Sarah Duncan-Jones to let her know

Thank you so much for your support.

You may find this link useful if you are thinking about leaving a gift in your Will to The FAN Charity

How are we funded?

Since the first FAN Group was formed in 2003 FAN has been supported by funders and individuals who have recognised that our mission of bringing people together in a spirit of community building and social cohesion is worth supporting.

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