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The FAN Charity

What is a FAN Group like?

FAN friends at the library looking at old photos

We sit in a circle and the Facilitator welcomes everyone and starts the meeting.

Each person in the Group reads out a line from the opening statement. The opening statement sets out our ground rules and principles. Then, we take it in turns to speak.

Everyone speaks about their week and a chosen topic, and if there are new people, we introduce ourselves. When someone is speaking we listen and try not to interrupt. If you do not feel like speaking, no problem – just listen.

When everyone has had a turn the Facilitator reads the closing statement and then we chat.

Most groups meet weekly. Currently most groups are virtual and meeting on Zoom. They follow the same model as our face to face groups. We find the Zoom format, while not the same, works pretty well for FAN and enables friends from all over the country and all over the world to take part.

You may like to see a FAN Group in action – take a look at our films below.


Getting to know FAN friends and neighbours groups 

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