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The FAN Charity

How are we funded?

Since the first FAN Group was formed in 2003 FAN has been supported by funders and individuals who have recognised that our mission of bringing people together in a spirit of community building and social cohesion is worth supporting – bringing benefits to participants in FAN Groups and to local communities. 

FAN prides itself on being an economical charity – currently, we have five part time staff (less than two Full Time Equivalent staff), who promote FAN and support our wonderful volunteers whose work enables the benefits of FAN to be shared widely. FAN is free to attend and we recognise the contribution of our host partners who provide free space in which to run FAN Groups. We supply Groups with opening and closing statements, our FAN world map, publicity materials and the ongoing support of FAN staff, training and networking activities.  

FAN is grateful for the support of:

  • Welsh Government
  • Lottery Community Funded
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Track 2000
  • Foyle Foundation

who are supporting FAN’s core work and projects and enable us to employ our small staff team. We are also grateful to:

  • individual donors who contribute to FAN
  • everyone involved in fundraising events – quizzes, cakes, walks, concerts – all hugely valued
  • and all our previous funders.

Donate to FAN

Details on how to donate to FAN to support us in our work.

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