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Frequently asked questions

Lots of different people! Friendly local people. People who are lonely. People who are learning English. People who want to meet other interesting people in their local community.

Most FAN groups are for anyone, but some FAN groups are for a particular group of people eg some may be for a school’s parents and grandparents, some may be for women only or could be for residents in a care home.

No FAN is for anyone open minded of any faith or no faith.

No. Many meet on Zoom. Please take a look at our Find a FAN Group page and search by Virtual to find our Zoom groups.

Yes all groups are free.

Yes, most groups meet weekly, check our find a FAN meeting page.

No we also have a FAN group that meets using Welsh for learners and fluent speakers.

Check the list of meetings and find a meeting at a time and place that suits you, then follow the joining instructions.

We sit in a circle, or in a Zoom meeting, and talk in turn. We introduce ourselves and talk a little about our week and the chosen subject.

Yes! Usually before and after the formal part of the meeting. This is a little more difficult on Zoom of course.

Usually about an hour and on Zoom between 40 minutes and an hour.

Our Open and Close frame our meetings and are a way of stating our ground rules and putting our mission into practice, each time we meet. We take it in turns to read the lines out loud.

To promote religious and racial harmony by developing and strengthening good relations between individuals of all beliefs, races and cultures, thus fostering a spirit of kinship, mutual understanding and respect among the peoples of the world.

No you don’t. If you would rather just listen that is fine.

By taking it in turns we show our respect for other people’s opinions. If you are speaking in a language you are learning, or just don’t feel very confident speaking in public, not being interrupted means you gain confidence quickly and feel empowered to speak, as you know your voice will be heard. In FAN we really value listening to others.

Topics get chosen in a mixture of ways – sometimes the facilitator chooses, sometimes they emerge naturally from the group’s conversations… or they can be seasonal, topical or just from out of the blue!

Yes! Coming to FAN is a great way to practise your English speaking and listening skills You will learn first-hand about local culture and customs. You will hear local accents and vocabulary.

No, it is a structured conversation where fluent speakers and people who are learning English can speak together.

Yes definitely – by coming to FAN you will meet friendly local people and get to know the local area and things going on very quickly – it will help you make the most of your stay.

Yes! In FAN you will meet friendly local people who will make you feel welcome and can be a source of local information and ideas.

No? Please contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions!

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